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A Few Words About Us

FarmHub Agro is one of the foremost agro service companies in Nigeria. FarmHub Agro Services Limited is a registered limited liability company and 100% Nigerian owned. Its major responsibility is to provide goods and services in all agricultural operations from land clearing, land preparations, mechanical planting to weed control, sales and supply of agrochemicals, provision of improved seeds and seedlings. Our services also include plant diseases control, provision of automated farm machines and equipment and storage facilities. We belief that mechanized farming enhanced with adequate professional support services will empower both commercial and peasant farmers with the opportunities to cultivate large expanse of land without drudgery and earn good returns on their investments through a tremendous increase in their crop yields.

Modern Equipment

Traditional way of farming over the years has been the cause of low output of farm produce, despite over 70 million farmers in Nigeria. Therefore, it is imperative to adopt the exact and appropriate level of engine-powered agricultural mechanization technology, important, necessary and sufficient to modernize, energize and revitalize Agriculture and its entirety.

Research has proven that 35,000 to 55,000 tractor of various capacity units are functional. Meanwhile, Nigeria requires nothing less than 1.5 million full-functional tractor units to fully enhance and conveniently improve its food production. Animal powers are still widely used as the major source of power in many parts of the country. Land preparation, weed management, crop threshing and transport are undertaken using animal power. Animals such as donkey, cow, mule, camels, horse etc.

FarmHub Agro Services has all the Modern Equipment and Machinery needed to make your agriculture experience easy, productive, affordable and worthwhile.

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